Cassandra Farm
At the headwaters of Clough Creek
Today's Produce and Seeds

Frozen Whole Pawpaw

Dried Sweet Basil

Dried Black Stem Peppermint

Bocking 14 Comfrey Start


Earliglow Strawberry Plants
50 cents each

Bamboo 1/2"-3/4"x 7'-14'

$2.00/20 seeds

Garlic Chives
$1.00/150 seeds

Collard Greens
$1.00/300 seeds

Frozen Whole Pawpaw

Clemson Okra
$1.50/150 seeds

Ground Cherry
$2.00/50 seeds

Egyptian Spinach
$2.00/300 seeds

Bushel Gourd
$2.00/30 seeds

Bee Balm
$1.00/100 seeds

Prickly Pear