Cassandra Farm
At the headwaters of Clough Creek
Black Walnut Pickles
Pickles with complex flavor like solid steak sauce.  Great in hamburgers or meat loaf.  Natural grittiness is removed with dicing or grinding.
Collect unripe whole black walnuts early to mid July when the nuts have grown, but are less than 2" diameter.  A knife should penetrate to the center without meeting resistance, indicating shell has not formed.
1. Prick the walnuts repeatedly with a fork and soak in brine for about 2 weeks, changing brine after 1 week.

2. Remove from brine and dry the nuts in the sun for a day or two.

3. Pack whole or quartered in jars. Add cloves, black pepper, allspice seeds, and maybe brown sugar.

4. Fill the jars with malt vinegar or apple vinegar. Can in a water bath, or store cold packed in the fridge or cupboard to age.